How To Survive A Month Without Alcohol, And Why It Is A Good Idea


I’m going to go ahead and assume that because you are reading this, that you shudder at the thought of a month without booze. I am currently on day 22 of my alcohol-free month and it has been far from easy. My love affair with alcohol has been of the Sid and Nancy variety and in truth, ever since I began drinking properly, at the age of around 16/17, this is probably the longest period of time that I have spent without a drop of alcohol, a fact that is worrying in itself.


I had no real reason for my AF month other than a combination of all of the benefits that a detox can give you, improved liver function, retention of brain cells, weight loss, more energy, kidneys working better, you know, the small stuff!

Check out this article to see the real benefits which a booze free month offers.

I cannot patronise just because I have had 3 weeks off the booze, I just wanted to share some tips on getting through a month without it, if you want to give your body a healthy kick up the arse.


Very often, drinking in company can still be done as long as you find a suitable solution, I love drinking and I enjoy being drunk but it was very much the habit that I have missed so far, the raising of a glass itself. I started with water, but that got boring pretty quickly, I am not a soft drink lover so that shackled me a little but then I hit the coconut water, fucking delicious! The key to drinking when you are not drinking is to look for a number of replacements and keep mixing them up, don’t drink the same thing all night.

Welcome The Boozers

Abstaining from alcohol is one thing but avoiding those who drink is quite another, you are not quitting crack cocaine here. Being exposed to drinkers can really help, first because it is the ultimate test of your will, secondly you begin to see that drunk people are dickheads in the main and thirdly because you gain a real sense of smugness that tomorrow you will be dancing on rooftops whilst they crawl out from their bed with nausea and guilt.


As someone who was probably drinking 6 nights from 7, or more, I hadn’t realised just how important alcohol was in getting me off to sleep. I know the science and that you have a shit sleep after drinking, but nodding off in the first place is made much easier. To counter this sleep problem you should try to get into a routine, something I have failed with thus far, or even use something else to help you if you are having problems, a little weed maybe, lavender under the pillow, soft music or even pop a sleeping pill, whatever it takes to help you avoid staring at the ceiling into the darkness of night.

Honestly, I feel great after just a few weeks of not drinking, I have more energy, my face looks brighter and a little slimmer and I can only imagine how floppy my poor liver must be after years of being a fatty and solid mess. Now is there perfect time to take a month off, summer has gone and the season of change is here, why not join me.

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  1. This was really good and has definitely given me food for thought. As someone who loves a glass of red every night with dinner I often question whether it’s just become a habit. Great tips.

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