Lord I’m Doing All I Can, To Be a Better Man, Self Audit: August 2017


I guess in some capacity we all audit ourselves from time to time, those moments of introspection when we address who we are, where we’re going and what kind of road we are forging for ourselves in life. My personal experience is that my own self evaluations seem to be a reactionary approach after something negative has happened rather than something more pro-active, good or bad, this is something I wish to change.

The last 6 months have been a dark blur for me, my beautiful mum was taken from me in November of last year and the shockwaves sent my plans, personality and thoughts into a chaotic and vicious tailspin, it has only been in the last few weeks that I have found any kind of firm footing on the path that is my life.

I think this is the perfect juncture therefore, for a self audit, a brutal and honest assessment of who I am compared with who I wish to be, and the steps that I plan on taking to achieve it. I wanted to share with you my monthly goals and ideas to live the life that I’m looking for and if you want to change and improve, why not do it with me!



I have never cared about my health,  I have drank, smoked and eaten my way through life without a care, but things are starting to catch up. I don’t like being overweight, I don’t enjoy smoking any more and generally speaking I have plenty of self-loathing about my health in general. I don’t want to die early because I couldn’t manage something as basic as personal health so this month I plan to set the wheels in motion to change this. Cutting out the cigarettes completely has never worked, so I plan to cut down to 5 per day by the end of the month and then quit fully in September using some patches. I haven’t drank for 2 weeks, and won’t again until August the 18th, the end of my alcohol free month, that should help the old liver a little!

  • Cut down to 5 cigs per day
  • Stay on track with alcohol-free month
  • One hour of exercise each day


All good on the work front, hustling hard, banking some cash and on track for projects which will take shape later in the year, just need to carry on as I am and everything should be hunky dory.

  • Keep hustling, keep planning



I have a few friends here in Mexico City, but not nearly enough and I plan to make a conscious effort to change this fact. I plan to no longer walk around thinking that everyone is a cunt such as I have in the last 6 months, I’m sociable AF and I plan to tap back into that guy rather than be the miserable twat who blames the world for his loss.

  • Use Meetup.com to socialise
  • Chat to more strangers when out and about
  • Stay in regular contact with existing friends


I’ve been sucked into the Netflix culture and it is time for it to stop, I have stopped reading, listen to less music and do the things that I love with a severe lack of frequency. No more binge watching for this guy, this month I plan to drastically change the way I enjoy myself. My passion is writing and I do this for a living, the downside is that the style of writing required for my work has dumbed down my natural flow, more personal writing is gonna change that!

  • Read 6 books this month
  • Listen to an album per day
  • Limit TV/Netflix to an hour per day
  • Blog post and story writing, minimum 2 hours per day

So that’s pretty much it for now, the age of improvement is upon me and it is time to improve. Whatever age you are, don’t accept that you have reached your limit in terms of who you are and how you approach life, we all need to positive change, list your goals like me and I’ll see you next month for a progress report.

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