Back In Rio With Gusto


As you may have read in my post about Brasilia, I didn’t like the place very much, very much at all!! But I am back in Rio now, and already it feels like home.

Rio is electric, beautiful, mind blowing and erotic! I chose my adjectives carefully and arrived at those. The streets are filled with character and more importantly, soul!!

We are staying in the Ipanema area of RDJ it’s in between the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, it’s like having a three way love interest with BeyoncĂ© and Kelly Brook! The view out of the window of my loft apartment should be illegal! On one side of the view I have this beautiful lagoon, on the other I have the sea, straight ahead is the ‘two brothers’ mountain and to the far right (albeit blocked by a building,) is Corcovado mountain which has Christ The Redeemer as the cherry on its mountainous cake.

I walk down the streets to rabbles of amazing Portuguese noise, the streets are lined with urban and natural wilderness, wild trees almost separate the streets, and not the synthetic ones we saw in Brasilia. Everybody is beautiful in this city! Even those not blessed!! I think the Cariocas may well have a 24th pair of chromosomes!! Jesus, some of them may well have a 25th!! Beauty is power here, but not just the aesthetic, a smile in this place will literally light up your world!!

European culture has been smashed together and shaken like a cocktail with the spirit of South America to produce what is the greatest city I’ve ever visited. Much like many big cities there is wide variety of experiences to be had depending on where you go. Rio is literally like a theme park, we have not been to the ‘favela-world’ yet, we do so on Friday and I cannot wait!!

I could happily live in this city, without any regrets or apprehension, Rio has truly opened her arms up to me and is just waiting to take me to her bosom!! Before that though I have every intention of allowing her to lead me astray.

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