Love Airbnb, Hate This Guy


Very briefly, I love airbnb , it’s a brilliant alternative to hotels and private villas through tour operators. In the main you’re staying in people’s houses, albeit without them there.

In Belo Horizonte we had an amazing hostess who not only made sure we had everything we needed bit also helped us adjust to the city and gave us advice on anything we needed, she took us out for a meal and introduced us to her friends. Now I’m aware that this wonderful lady went the extra mile for us but the essence of the service is that you are being ‘hosted.’ A requirement which has clearly alluded our ‘host’ in Brasilia…

He picked us up in the airport, didn’t get out the car, didn’t even open the boot, great start! Small talk in the car was painful, for those of you who know me I’m hardly a quiet guy, and he didn’t have the language barrier to blame, his English was fine. Then he really pissed me off, he dropped us off outside a huge apartment building and simply told us the room was on the 17th floor and the door would be open, then he left, he had told us he’d bring a mattress as their was confusion with the sleeping situation, he said an hour, we waited 3, when said mattress arrived it was his non English speaking brother who brought it…. Convenient.

We had a light broken, to which he already knew about, he came to fix it, he failed, he left exposed wires and a blacked out living area. The place was not as described, so upstairs we have 2 wonderful sofas and a lovely hole where the TV should be, downstairs we have a great big TV with no place to sit.

Our ‘host’ is quite the opposite, be careful if you use airbnb it seems the more properties they have, the less care they will take.

Rant over.

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