No Better Travel Accessory Than A Friend

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I’m sitting in Rio airport awaiting my flight home, reflecting on everything I’ve experienced over the past few weeks.

I have been fortunate in one respect despite my previous rant, and that is to have an amazing friend/comrade/accomplice/lover (joke,) sharing my life with me. He has travelled a lot so I felt comfortable travelling with him and bowed to his experience on many occasions.

My friend has it all, the compassion to care when I’m down, the humour to pick me back up, the determination to have fun and the insanity to make the good times epic. I’ve had the greatest 4 weeks of my life and Brazil and FIFA only made up a small part of it, my friend Anthony Middleton is why I enjoyed this trip so much. What is the point in good times if you can’t share them with anyone? And if you can do it with one if the most awesome people in the world then that’s the holy grail!!

I will miss him dearly but I wish my brother good luck in his travels and look forward to our next adventure.

And always remember …

It’s not gay if it’s in Rio.

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