No Luck Involved

Let’s get this clear, my travelling to Brazil for the World Cup is amazing, it’s life changing, it is without question the biggest trip of my entire life which I have worked towards for 2 years.

This rant is about those people who tell me how lucky I am to be here, firstly you make your own luck, secondly I have worked HARD for this shit, 3 jobs, 6/7 day weeks, very little social life and a significant loss of free time to spend with those I care for, all whilst studying the first year of my degree. Every weekend on facebook and every Monday at work I have sat silently reading and listening as the usual stories about people going out and ‘getting smashed’ in Durham/Sunderland/Newcastle whilst I had spent my weekend in the house or at work.

I have not complained about these sacrifices because I always knew that I had no right, it was my decision to do this so I would never burden someone else with my complaints. The gain was always going to outweigh the pain.

So am I lucky for working hard and shunning nights out in the little bubble we live in?

I rather think not,

I know what I’d rather be doing…….

End of rant, happy posts to come soon.

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