Quick Stories: Danger Taxi

Getting cash in Brazil has proven to be incredibly difficult, my friend and I both have Visa cards and whilst there is a lot of cashpoints there are almost none with Visa options.

So picture the scene, we are heading to England v Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte, we desperately need cash and of course, we are running late. We ask the taxi driver to take us to a cashpoint at some point of the journey, we end up having 3 failed attempts at getting cash when a Brazilian guy with excellent English asks us if it’s possible to split the taxi to the game.

Normally I would treat this with caution, the guy preempted this and showed me his tickets “no problem,” I said, we then explained our cash point predicament to him, he said he owned a restaurant close by and that if we wanted he could put through a ‘dummy’ transaction on my card and give me cash from the till. Time was ticking for the game so in the name of football I agreed to gamble on this guy cloning my card and do as he suggested. Turns out he did actually own the restaurant, sorted the cash and gave us some beers for the journey.

Heading to the game we chatted about a lot of things and at one point we joked about never splitting a taxi with strangers!!

Could’ve gone either way but as Del Boy would say “he who dares, wins.”

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