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Brasilia was so spread out, it has no ‘bar street’ no Soho, no Bigg market, no area of mayhem and as we were leaving the stadium after the France v Nigeria game we wanted somewhere to go to continue the party.

We began speaking to a couple as we walked out from the game who mentioned a couple of bars we could go to, initially the man didn’t seem to interested in us but very quickly opened up and decided that instead of giving us directions, he would take us in his car. Getting into cars with strangers seems to have been a bit of a theme on this trip (sorry Mum) but I am no fool and wouldn’t do so if I sensed any danger.

This bravery paid off as this beautiful couple put us in their car and proceeded to, after a mini Brasilia tour, take us to a huge Budweiser bar to watch the Algeria v Germany game, but it was closed, it was also isolated. Unperturbed the couple then took us elsewhere, whilst driving he told us all about the city as we drove past it until we arrived at a beautiful place, a lakeside bar, serving amazing food,bursting with people and it had the game on.

They came inside with us for a drink and we shared food whilst chatting about our trip and their life, they left just after the first half and gave us solid instructions on getting ‘home.’

This was not the first time in Brazil that we’ve received this kind of hospitality but it still amazes me that people can be so kind. I may be off the mark but I would be stunned if the same thing would happen in England if the roles were reversed!!

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