The Start of the Journey

The trip of a lifetime has arrived and I cannot wait. First up, I’m leaving for the train station to get the train to London which is where I stayed last night before flying out today.

As with any holiday I went through the standard bag check 300 times before I left. As a man who is incredibly disorganised the whole preparation process went pretty smoothly, however, within 5 minutes of leaving the house I had to turn around as I had forgotten my bank card and my English money, great stuff.

After booking into the Travelodge we went to find a local hotel to watch the England match, what a shit start to our trip that was!! An impotent England team losing in a fashion which can only describe as embarrassing. I refuse to accept that ‘we played well’ or any other of these ridiculous idiomatic expressions which we regularly attach to what is frankly an institutionalised ability to lose at will, rant over, I will discuss the three lions in more depth at a later date.

One thing I cannot stress enough about the night before a trip like this is the importance of a good solid sleep to leave you full of life and energy for the day ahead, with this in mind, myself and Anthony ( my World Cup comrade ) decided that we should drink silly amounts of beer at the England game, move on to Tesco for some cans, drink them in the Travelodge with a fake Scotland Yard detective, a man with the secrecy of Ed Snowden and the gall of Mick Jagger, and get to sleep at 4am. Despite our late night festivities we managed to get to the airport,through security, have breakfast and get the flight on time.

For those of you who haven’t been to Heathrow airport and/or Terminal 5 all I can say is wow, what a phenomenal piece of construction. Everything works at ninja speed, security is rapid and in order to get to our gate we had to take a train, that’s right a train, for 2 stops, all of this within only 1 of 5 terminals, insane stuff for a boy who’s used to that lonely walk down to the departure gate at Newcastle airport.

I was super excited to fly with British Airways, something I haven’t done since my childhood as we got onto the plane those clever people at BA thought it would be a wonderful idea to send you through business class to get to your seat , ‘HERES WHAT COULD’VE WON,’ nice touch.

So here I sit 6 hours into the flight, the plane has ran out of alcohol, which if can only take a small amount of credit for!!!! Disappointing service but it’s irrelevant as I am far too busy contemplating what form of chaos, mind exploding sights and emotional roller coasters await me in Brazil over the next 4 weeks.

It has been difficult to understand how I was feeling as I approached the trip, I feel pure elation and dreaded fear, quite the cocktail I must say.

Jesus, not long now, let’s hope the Brazillian airport staff are as well drilled as those upstanding Brits at Heathrow and I can be downing a Caiprinha in my budgie smugglers in no time!

Excitement rating 10/10

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