Reviewing the San Rafael Hotel in Antigua


We arrived in Antigua around midnight, in part due to our poor planning and well, scratch that, wholly due to our poor planning. After a long day of travelling and uncertainty all I wanted to do was lay down in a comfortable bed and sleep the day off.


When I got to the hotel I was met by a cheery receptionist who brought us in and showed us our room. The rooms are set out around a beautiful courtyard which was filled with candles, plants and small wooden benches. The hotel is beautifully designed and the room was no different. There were two of us staying here and we had a double bed each along with an ornate couch and a bathroom with a gorgeous shower and well designed sink area just outside the bathroom.


The bed was super comfortable, I could have stayed in it all day and the hospitality of the staff was great, nothing was too much trouble, even when we went full blown English on them and asked for them to make us a cup of tea using our tea bags!

Breakfast was served on a little table right outside our door and as soon as we sat down the waitress came right over. The only problem we had was that my friend is vegan and they really didn’t cater very well for him, he doesn’t demand a lot, some beans and rice with some bread would have been sufficient but they couldn’t provide, so if you are vegan then be mindful of this.


Overall the stay was extremely comfortable and very tranquil, the location is right in the middle of Antigua as well so not much travelling to be done around the place to get anywhere. I’d absolutely recommend the San Rafael hotel to anyone visiting the area and if I’m back that way in the future then I’ll certainly be heading there.

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