One Night in San Pedro Sula


I had a lot of fear before my lay over in San Pedro Sula, officially the deadliest city in the World with 173 deaths per 100,000 residents, the highest rate in any city that doesn’t have a war going on. The truth is that I couldn’t really avoid it, all roads seem to lead there and I was travelling overland so it was just one of those things. The idea of surviving was quite exciting though.


The truth is that it turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, we stayed in the Plaza Morpho suites in what turned out to be a pretty safe part of the city, not very close to any of the murderous barrios and surrounded by men with very big guns. The suite was decently located near a supermarket and a few other shops, plus the US influence of KFC’s, Dunkin Donuts etc and there was plenty of space for my friend and I to get some work done and the kitchenette meant we didn’t have to ‘risk’ going out for food. We did take a gamble at 10pm on a red wine mission and no harm came to us.

Our initial fears quickly left us.
Our initial fears quickly left us.

In truth, at no point did I feel scared or in danger, somewhat disappointingly, I didn’t witness anybody get shot, I didn’t have a gun held to my face, I didn’t even get bumped into in the supermarket.

I don’t doubt that SPS has areas of senseless violence but I didn’t witness anything of the sort and I can’t argue with statistics but these are generally gang on gang and tourists very rarely get caught up in any of it.

The real truth about SPS is that you shouldn’t go there for purely tourist reasons, it has nothing, a mundane cathedral, a market square like any other city and when a cities main attraction on Tripadvisor is a ‘HOLLYWOOD’ style Coca Cola sign up in the hills, you know that it should be well avoided.

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