A Bohemian Saturday Night in DF


One particular reason that I like this city so much is it’s diversity,  DF is a very forward thinking city and it surprises me most days. Ignoring the socio-economic side of things, Mexico City really has a lot of soul and a free spiritedness that resonates around many of the areas. There is a lot of hippy vibes around these parts, whether it be a quirky tea/coffee chop, independent record stores, themed restaurants in hidden streets or even the artwork that exists around the city. These are the  things that so many people swoon over when visiting Camden, Portobello Road and Soho, and rightfully so but the idea that those influences would exist over here surprised me.

So, to Saturday night, my friend’s housemate is an artist who is doing some great work at the moment with a project that surrounds health, food and physical contact and central to her art is a product called Amaranth which could well surpass the popularity of Quinoa when people realise the benefits. Anyway, she was putting her work on display at a vegan restaurant so we thought we’d support her and check it out. Plus it sounded like a pretty good way to spend a Saturday night.

Rooftop Salsa
Gringo Rooftop Salsa

The restaurant is a labour of love for a girl from London and a Mexican guy who essentially bought a house and turned it into a restaurant, it was gritty chic and had a great energy within it’s walls. The jewel in the crown of the restaurant was the rooftop terrace, access to which I might add was death defying but worth it, They had set up a DJ who was playing 70’s Mexican funk that sounded like it was straight out of Pulp Fiction. The makeshift bar kept us topped up with bottles of beer and the people up there were a mixture of travellers, artists and musicians.  Friendly people, good music, flowing beer and scary stairs, the perfect night in many ways.

Being on the terrace felt like being in that Bulmers advert, the one where they’re all partying and looking cool and you think ‘there is no way those parties exist.’ Well, it turns out that they do, right in here in the capital of Mexico, there is so much more to this country than Cancun, be advised Brits!!

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