Mexican Street Food, Pure Latin Love


One of my favourite things here in Mexico City is the street food, for me, it is some of the tastiest food I’ve had here, very traditional and served with a huge smile with no ‘Ol del Paso’ in sight. I had an inkling before I left that Mexican food in the UK was a complete distortion of any traditional dishes that they would be serving when I got to Mexico City, and I wasn’t wrong.

So obviously in order to truly disprove that exported ‘Mexican’ food is far from the real deal, I had to try as much as possible.

There are of course restaurants that feature traditional foods but I think the best can be found on the street. Most streets are filled with little red and white striped tents, inside them the Mexicans fry up varieties of meats, beans and tacos, they are called ‘Antojitos,’ literally meaning ‘little cravings.’

For me it’s the best way to eat, little and often and with variety, so here’s a few of nuggets of joy I’ve been enjoying.



For me taco’s are the ultimate convenience food, quick, cheap and soooooooo good! Generally these little babies are served with chorizo style sausage pieces of beef or chicken. The wraps are very small, fried a little then laid on thick with meat, then you get the opportunity to add your own beans, guacamole, tomato’s and onions and of course, hot sauce!



Quesadilla’s here are amazing, the picture above is the Arabic bread version that I’ve been eating a lot of recently but the ‘usual’ Quesadilla’s are made from maso dough which is spread out and thrown onto the hot plate. They flip them a couple of times then add the filling of your choice. The most popular fillings I’ve seen are huitlacoche, which is like a mixture of corn and mushroom, chicken tinga, diced breast with spciy sauce and I’ve even seen a lot of them being filled with squashed flowers. I haven’t tried the flowers yet but I’m definitely interested. After this they add some beans or sauce of your choice, maybe some cheese and fold the quesadilla over before handing the beautiful little parcel over. Such good food!



These little babies are amazing and I’ve never seen them anywhere else than here, not even a poorly imported version. Basically they are filled pieces of cornflour dough that are then wrapped in the husk of corn and steamed. Fillings range from pork, chicken, sweet chile, chiccaron (flavoured pork rind) or even various beans. They’re pretty fun to eat as well, maybe it’s the inner child in me that loves unwrapping these little joyful parcels.

I still have plenty of street food left to try and will keep updating you on what I’m trying and how it tastes, I have to be honest, it’s tough not just spend my days roaming the city and filling my face, all in the name of research of course!

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