San Cristobal de las Casas, Quaint, Cool and Quirky

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After experiencing the luxury stay in Puerto Escondido it was time to hit the road again, we took a nightbus from Puerto Escondido at around 1830, it was a 12 hour journey and gave me a chance to get a good 8 hours sleep. Yeah right!!. Sleeping on busses regardless of how comfortable they are is something that doesn’t agree with me. We took an OCC bus, the seat was comfortable and spacious but it was about as close to real comfort as straddling a cactus in the nude. I think I grabbed an uncomfortable 5 hours of intermittent sleep and, if nothing else, it helped pass the time.


We were put up by some wonderful people in San Cristobal in Chiapas, they lived around 15 minutes from the bus station which was pretty handy as well. This quaint town in Chiapas is beautiful, very traditional and surrounded by a backdrop of tree covered mountains. We wanted to go to see some Mayan ruins but sadly didn’t find the time, still, just walking around the labyrinth of streets was enough fun in itself. Everywhere you look the Indigenous folk are selling wares and clothes, food and drinks.


I didn’t find the locals as warm towards me here as I have in the rest of Mexico but to be honest, if I was from a culture that had been torn apart and trampled on by greedy, vicious, barbaric and bloodthirsty mongrels like theirs has, then I too would have nothing but contempt for anyone from European descent. They weren’t rude as such, but there was an air of mistrust, a vague scent of fuck you and a general unease about your presence, the only negative of the trip. The streets in San Cristobal are wonderful to walk around and easy to get lost in. There are 2 or 3 architecturally impressive churches and the main square is full of life at all hours. The town offers an interesting blend of all out hippies and indigenous family life, quite a mix for such a small town. Lots of music is played in the streets from pan pipes, to guitars and steel drums. I really liked the town, although for me it does have a time limit, no way could I live here, there just isn’t enough here for me.

We only spent 2 nights here and then took on the challenge of getting from here to Guatemala, here’s how…

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