Riu Tikida Hotel, Agadir Review


Rarely do I enjoy travelling to a hotel that offers all inclusive deals or in general any holiday where you stay in one place for the duration but sometimes there is a time to sit on your arse and soak up the sun for a week in absolute luxury. That’s exactly what I did in Agadir Morocco, at the Riu Tikida Beach Hotel, 4 star and absolute bliss, the hotel’s pool complex backs onto the beach too so you almost don’t feel like you are as contained as ‘all inclusive; style places normally are.

The room we stayed in was a double, they call it that but the bed could’ve fitted at least 4 people in it quite comfortably, it was clean, ridiculously spacious  (the bathroom was the size of the room itself!) and the room felt very Arabic in it’s design.

One huge plus of going all-inclusive is that food and drink is there on tap and there”s no need to take your wallet anywhere which brings me onto the food choices. Simply put there is no one on the planet that somebody could not find what they wanted to eat here, if I start going into the options for breakfast lunch and dinner then I’d be here for an eternity. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, meat, lover, Italian, Arabic, BBQ and everything that goes with it, the place had everything!

There are around 2.5 million little bars stationed around the hotel so there was no worries if you were thirsty and there was no restrictions on imported beer or spirits.

Regarding the service in the hotel on the whole , I have nothing but good things to say, everyone smiles, everyone helps and everyone wants you to enjoy your time with them. We decided to do the obvious thing and tip the waiter on our first day asking him to look after us for the remainder of the week, and he did exactly that which added an extra special bonus to our week.

The location was fantastic and despite it not being my typical trip away, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the hotel.


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