Backstage Hotel Amsterdam Review

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Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world, it has such a beautifully diverse blend of cultures, from the people who live there, the people who visit and the array of things to do in the city.

Accommodation comes easy too and there is a whole host of options for every budget. For me, budget was the key when I visited the Dutch capital and whilst a hostel would be the easiest option, I am finding more and more as I get older that personal space is a premium worth paying for.

After searching the web I stumbled upon the Backstage Hotel in central Amsterdam, it was a cool, music themed hotel that was within my budget, perfectly located and had some real character about it.

I stayed in a single room on the second floor which had beautiful views over the Leidesgracht canal. The only drawback to being on the second floor was the death defying stairs, not unsafe, just incredibly steep and they appear steeper after a Heineken or 6.

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The hotel has a really cool bar area with a pool table in the lobby and the decor is full on Rock music, guitars adorn the walls with gig posters and Jack Daniels memorabilia. The staff were available at all times and really helpful with directions and advice, one even made me a cure of fruit juice, ibuprofen and amaretto on the second morning for what she rightly described as ‘Amsterdam Fever.’

The hotel was accesible 24/7 which is perfect for a city that has the same opening hours, the surrounding neighbourhood felt incredibly safe and within a 5 minute walk you are right in the middle of ‘Dam Square.

Cool little single room.
Cool little single room.

The room itself was clean and compact and had everything I needed, a comfortable bed, clean laundry, space for my gear and even an iPod dock to get you rocking before you go out. The rooms are decorated in the rock theme too, with drum stools in front of the dresser and dressing room lights around the mirror for the full rock star effect.

I’d certainly recommend this hotel to any would-be travellers coming to Amsterdam looking to stay in the centre, just watch out for those stairs!

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