Firing Bad Ass Guns in Poland

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I love to seek thrills and, despite being somewhat of a pacifist, the idea of shooting high powered guns most definitely excites me. In England this is something that near impossible to do and you need to be a member of a gun club or buy and licence a rifle in order to get your rocks off with a gun. Even if you do this in the UK the excitement pretty much ends with rifles and I wanted to fire something a bit more, well, deadly.

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During my stay in Warsaw I was able to satisfy my trigger happy urges and went on a fantastic trip with a few like minded fellas that I met, to a gun range about 30 minutes away from the centre of Warsaw.

I had found PMshooter online and to be honest I was a little intimidated just looking at the weaponry on offer on the website alone, that was before getting there and seeing the Arsenal for myself. The company offer a range of packages and varying prices, the higher the price you pay, the more guns and rounds you get to shoot. We opted for package 1 to unleash our inner Rambo which allowed us to shoot the following…

CZ-75 Kadet Pistol (10 rounds)

Glock 17 (15 rounds)

AK-47 Assault Rifle (10 rounds)

Magnum 0.45 (5 rounds)

Shotgun (5 rounds)

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We were picked up from the hotel by the guys from PMshooter and taken to the range, upon arriving there was a unanimous sense of ‘holy fuck!’ as it quickly dawned us all that we were about to hold a killing machine in our hands, 5 in fact. I have never listened to a safety briefing with such intent as I did here, the guys helping had a great, albeit dark, sense of humour but during the briefing ensured we understood the severe importance of safety.

After the briefing it was time to shoot, despite some trepidation, I couldn’t wait. First up was the pistol, it was a nice introduction to target shooting and relatively tame, then came the drug dealer’s weapon of choice, the Glock 0.45 and our first introduction to ‘recoil,’ this is the kickback you get after firing a gun. The Glock was cool and powerful but it was the Magnum that left me breathless, literally and figuratively. Even with ear protectors on, the sound alone of the Magnum was earth-shattering, the recoil almost took my shoulder off and the immense power left me a little turned on to be honest!

Next up was the AK-47, made famous by every every modern day war and a gun that has probably killed more people than any other, a gun that even it’s creator now regrets. The gun wasn’t automatic so there was no Arnold Schwarzenegger moments, the gun was lighter than I imagined and had quite a kick, my accuracy was terrible with this gun, I’d be no good in battle!

Finally was the shotgun which almost blew my balls off, the sheer velocity of it was insane and as the bullet shatters upon impact, the state of the target afterwards was a mess, definitely the last gun I’d want to be shot by. To be completely honest I felt at my most ‘cool’ with the shotgun in my hands but the Magnum is definitely the classier weapon.

Despite despising what guns do to people the world over I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what these machines were capable of and picked a perfect environment to do it in. The guys at PM were extremely helpful, very cautious and really friendly. If this is the type of thing that interests you then I would certainly recommend these guys, I had a great experience and the whole thing only cost £30/$50 per person for the whole gig!

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