Reviewing The Novotel Hotel in Warsaw

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Eastern Europe and Poland in particular has gained increased popularity in recent years from UK stag parties searching for cheap beer and round the clock parties which at the first instance almost put me off spending some there.

Regardless of my concerns of being tarred with the ‘hoodlum’ brush I decided to carry on regardless, people had been told me of the beauty of cities such as Krakow and Warsaw and opted to head to the latter, and they weren’t wrong!

In order to stay away from the rabble I avoided hostels for my location and managed to get a few nights at the very impressive Novotel Centrum located right at the heart of the city.

I was impressed from the outset; in an effort to save some money I opted for a flight which arrived in the dead of the night, the hotel manager Joanna was more than accommodating and arranged my transport from the airport to the hotel without question and at no extra charge. My second concern, as it usually is, was food, despite the short flight from the UK I knew for a fact that I’d be pretty hungry when I arrived. Once again Joanna stepped up to the plate ( if you’ll excuse the pun) and despite the kitchen being closed she emailed me with a selection of cold options which would be waiting for me in my room upon arrival, such great service for what was a relatively cheap hotel.

Arriving at the hotel I was surprised and impressed that the ‘single room’ that I paid for was in fact a double with a spacious bathroom and a great view of the city from the window, and of course, there was a well arranged meal for one waiting for me.

Naturally I woke up a touch late on day 1 and headed straight out to see what the city had to offer. On my way out of the hotel the receptionist called me over to offer a map of central Warsaw and a brief run down of the transport options around the place, so I headed out armed to the teeth with info!

I stayed in the hotel a total of 3 nights and the staff were super friendly and very helpful throughout, there really is no excuse for bad service but when people go above and beyond they should be recognised. My room at the hotel was just what I needed, the bed was comfortable and the room was spotlessly clean, hell even the maid asked if I needed any help getting around.

The Novotel has a lot of conference rooms in the building and promotes itself as a business hub as much as a hotel but you really wouldn’t know this from the tranquil environment in the lobby and social areas.

All told this place was just what I was after, very clean, very comfortable, friendly staff, excellent wi-fi and of course, no groups of rowdy alpha males!!

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