Touring Warsaw in a Stretch Hummer

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Luxury is good for the soul and from time to time I think it’s important to, in the words of Bob Marley, ‘Satisfy my Soul,’ so I did what any self respecting luxury seeker would do and hired me a limo to see the city of Warsaw.

I feel that I should add at this point that I wasn’t alone in my adventure, that would be a touch strange to say the least. Three guys I met in a cafe in Warsaw joined me as we set sail on a champagne fuelled tour of this stunning city in a 3 hour indulgence bender that took in far more of Warsaw than we had hoped to see.

The idea was a drunken suggestion initially and to be honest after we broke down the price it worked out only £20/$35 more expensive than a guided tour. We contacted Limo Wynajem who cut us a deal for a stretch Hummer for 3 hours and a driver who was more helpful than we could’ve hoped for.

When we got in the limo we told Peter that we wanted to see as much of the city as we could in the time available and he was more than happy to play the tour guide. Peter cranked up the music, opened the sun roof and toured us around this incredible city, we took in the old town first then down to the outskirts of Lazienki Park and the Palace, we stopped off and the Skylight building and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for pictures before hopping back into the stretch and moving on.

Peter took us to the home of Legia Warsaw, the Pepsi Arena, and we hopped out to take some photos, we start chatting to a couple who were wandering about town and invited them to join us, they of course said yes and our 3 became 5.

After dropping  the couple off at their hotel we realised that our time was running out so we began heading back towards our hotels and the beautiful bug town centre. The time simply flew by but I would do it again in a heartbeat. We tipped Peter and said our goodbyes before walking back to our hotels before the grim realisation set in that our daily lives aren’t filled with such luxuries.

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