Danger Ride from the Guatemalan Border


I’ve mentioned in the past about trusting strangers and how to know if you should do it all, how to trust your instincts and when it may be reckless.

I ignored all of my basic instincts last night when I was stuck on the Mexico/Guatemalan border. I was 4 hours away from my hotel and had 2 options, to stay in La Mesilla, the city on the border, and reject my accommodation in Antigua, or take my life into my hands and accept a lift from a man who changed money for people on the border. Truth is that I had to get to Antigua that night, my country hopping schedule is tight enough as it is without losing a night due to my horrific ability to plan ahead.

The guy seemed relatively trustworthy, relative to the crooks, thieves and bandits that operate around the area that is so we agreed a price and hit the road to either Antigua, or perhaps to his friends torture chamber with a view to extort all that I own. Walking the line between all out success and cataclysmic destruction is absolutely thrilling, it’s like an internal civil war of emotions, the outcome of which is decided with the simplicity of a coin toss.

Fortunately for me, I was delivered to the door of my hotel after 5 hours of love ballads and singalongs with my strange Guatemalan road trip buddies in one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

Weird, scary and risky but everything turned out alright in the end and just 2 days later my heart rate finally returned to it’s normal pace.

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