Quick Stories; El Salvador to Honduras

The day was upon me, the day I travel to San Pedro Sula in Honduras, officially the most violent city in the World. I wasn’t travelling there to be a boastful dick, it was just very difficult to avoid as I wanted to go to La Ceiba and flying wasn’t an option. A privately hired minivan picked me up from the hotel and first took me to the Guatemalan border, I entered the country for the second time in 3 days and headed around 2 hours north until hitting the Honduran border, the shortest amount of time I’ve ever spent in the country. At the Honduran border I had to pay 67 Honduran Limpera (Around $3) to exit, dollars talk in Central America, but not this time, fortunately most borders have a ‘guy’ who changes money from his pocket, the rate isn’t amazing but it is necessary if you haven’t planned ahead.

From the border we headed on for 20 minutes to Copan, site of the famous Mayan ruins, originally I was told that I would have 3 hours here waiting for my next bus which would give me a chance to see them, I was sadly misinformed and the bus was actually waiting for me as I arrived. I must be the only tourist to visit Copan without seeing the ruins!!

After buying tickets for the coach which was incredibly comfortable, possibly the nicest so far in Central America, I headed on to San Pedro Sula. When we arrived, most people changed busses to head on to other, and probably safer, locations. The conductor looked a little surprised when I said I was staying here! On the taxi journey to the hotel I saw a city that looked scared of itself, every person looked edgy, most looked like they wanted me dead, perhaps the preconception was playing a role but that knowledge did not set me at ease! Still, I arrived safely at the hotel and nipped to a shop before retiring early to the hotel for the night. I don’t intend to take any chances with the murder rate in this city being the way it is, I’ll head out in the morning and look forward to flying away from this place.

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