Travel Nuggets: How You Can See Stonehenge For Free


I often get a little embarrassed when people in Mexico ask about the main tourist attractions in the UK, once I have finished eulogising about London and its attractions, I run out of places to talk about, the exceptions being Edinburgh Castle and natural beauty spots . Here in Mexico they have one of the 7 Wonders of the World in Chichen Itza, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World in Parícutin as well as the largest pyramid in the world in a small town called Cholula.



When I am asked, I always like to use Stonehenge as a great example of what we have, the strange and mystical rock formation sat in Wiltshire. Despite recommending it to many a traveler, I’d never actually been there and seen it, something which felt like a rite of passage that I had missed out on. During my last trip to the UK, we went straight from London to Stonehenge to take in the majesty of these prehistoric rocks.

Cost of Entry

The road is very close to the site and as you pass it, you will see signs telling you to continue going straight ahead, get crazy and ignore the brown signs. I decided that this was clearly going to take me to a visitor centre which I had no interest in going to so I took a right turn down a farm track just after Stonehenge. After about 2 minutes you arrive at the site, I jumped out of my car and saw the price of £20 per person, not a chance I’m paying that. The National Trust do great work but I refuse to pay that for a 5 minute photo shoot.


The Free Route

As I was stood with my mouth open after viewing the price, an old chap tugged me on the arm and asked if I wanted to see the stones for free. The excitement which the man had as he held this secret was palpable and we followed him like small children off to see their first dead animal.

So, if you don’t want to pay the prices, clearly aimed at the tourists, here’s what you need to do… simply walk past the official entrance to Stonehenge, head through a gate on the right and walk for around 2 minutes up a hill. At the top you will be just 10 metres further away from the stones as those who have paid full whack, your photos will be amazing and you can leave after a few minutes, without feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth.

I shan’t bore you with directions or info on Stonehenge, Google Maps and Wikipedia can do that far better than I, but if you want to bag it for free, follow the yellow brick road that I have shown you. I made a contribution to the National Trust shortly afterwards, for what I considered to be a fair price and you should probably do the same, clean conscious and awesome photos.

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