Jungle Stay in Pico Bonito, Honduras

As I’ve mentioned before, Honduras is massively underrated, for my second stay in the beautiful setting of Pico Bonito I stayed in the Pico Bonito Villas in a lodge that overlooked the stunning Cangrejal River. The resorts are owned by a guy called Richard who is from the North East of England, he’s been a champion of Honduras for years and he really helped to make our stay in the Villas as comfortable as possible.

The setting for the resort is beautiful, right next to the river there are 4 beautiful lodges with plenty of space, comfortable beds and some cooking utilities. Outside each of the lodges is a species terrace with seating area to fully enjoy the views of the river and the grandeur of the national park. The pathways between lodges and the main area of the hotel swoop through the forest and across the river so you never really feel as though you are much removed from the natural setting.

Near the hotel’s bar and grill area is an infinity pool that overlooks the scenery and plenty of space to relax in this tranquil environment. We arrived here on christmas eve and were treated to a festive meal and some beers which the hotel covered, such wonderful hospitality on our first night. On christmas day itself we had dinner with the other guests and enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner, the touch of the English isn’t far away!!

As luck would have it, there was a power cut on christmas day night, only for an hour or so, something that I imagine can happen from time to time in such isolated surroundings, within just a few minutes the staff were on hand with lanterns and candles and reassurances that the power would indeed be back on soon which I thought was a really nice touch.

Surprisingly there was very good wifi throughout the resort, how they achieve that in the midst of the jungle is beyond me, but they did and it was a great help, I’d love to be the kind of guy who could do without it for a day or two but the truth is that I’m not, there, I said it.

When we left the lodge to take our bus down to Leon, it was Richard who gave us a lift to our pick up point and he very kindly offered to buy us breakfast, sadly we didn’t have time to do so but the offer alone is an indication of the service that Richard provides in his hotel.

The Villas ave access to many of the tours that operate in the area so you can arrange rafting, hiking or river tours from the hotel, which I would most definitely recommend doing in this stunning place. I truly hope that this area of Honduras ceases to be painted with the same brush that the other cities are, it couldn’t be more different and unfortunately it’s reputation has been tarnished as a result.

As I’ve mentioned previously, ignore the slurs about this country and come and see it for yourself!

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